Cookie policy

Last update: October 2022

The purpose of this cookies policy is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies used on the website

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that the websites you visit send to the browser, allowing to remember information about your visits, such as your preferred language and other options, to facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful.

Cookies play an important role and contribute to having a better browsing experience for the user.

Depending on who is the entity that manages the domain from which the cookies are sent, two types of cookies can be distinguished: first-party and third-party cookies.

There is also a second classification according to the length of time they remain stored in the client browser, which may be session cookies or persistent cookies.

Finally, there is another classification of five types of cookies according to the purpose for which the data obtained are processed: technical cookies, personalization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioral advertising cookies.

What types of cookies are used on the website?

The following are the cookies that are being used on this site as well as its function:

  • Technical cookies are necessary to correctly display the pages and ensure the proper functioning of the website.
  • Personalization cookies help the user to have a better browsing experience through the site.
  • Analysis cookies are used to analyse users behaviour in an aggregated and anonymous way including the number of visitors to the website and different pages, the origin of the visits, day and time, platform, number of clicks on a link, search words used to find the content. In this way, HomeCanarias uses a tool of great utility to be able to introduce improvements in the website and to know which content or design is more relevant for the users.

Definition and function of cookies

The following table collects, in a schematic way, the cookies used in the HomeCanarias website, so that you can identify them in your browser:

cookieconsent_dismissedTechnicalSystem cookie used to indicate whether the user accepts the cookie policy.Session
SESS*TechnicalIdentifier of the PHP session used to track it. It also ensures that session variables are stored on the web server.Session
_gaAnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to distinguish users by collecting information about page views.2 years
_gidAnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to distinguish users by collecting information about page views.24 hours
_gat_gtag_UA_*AnalyticsUsed by Google to measure how the user interacts with our website.Session
SOCTechnicalUsed by Google to store a user’s state regarding their cookies choices.13 months
CONSENTTechnicalUsed by Google to store a user’s state regarding their cookies choices.2 years
AECTechnicalUsed by Google to prevent spam, fraud, and abuse.6 months
OTZAnalyticsUsed by Google to optimize and personalize the ads displayed when browsing.1 month
_ga_devsiteAnalyticsThis cookie is installed by Google Analytics.2 years
__Secure-ENIDAnalyticsThis cookie is installed by Google.1 year

Third-party cookies

Like most websites, we use third-party services that record anonymous data about the utilisation of the site, to extract statistics on browsing habits. The services we use are:

  • Google Analytics: It is a web analytics service developed by Google, which allows the measurement and analysis of page visits on websites. In your browser, you can see cookies from this service. Through the web analytics, we get information on the number of users accessing the website, the number of page views, frequency and repetition of visits, duration, browser used, the operator providing the service, language, the device you are using, and the city to which your IP address is assigned. To ensure anonymity, Google will make your information anonymous by truncating the IP address before storing it, so Google Analytics is not used to locate or collect personally identifiable information from site visitors. Google may only send the information gathered by Google Analytics to third parties as long as it is legally bound to do so.
    You can find more information in this pages:To provide website visitors with the ability to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics, install the opt-out Browser Add-on..


By using and its features, you are consenting to our use of cookies under this cookie policy.

How can I delete the cookies?

You can limit or block cookies by modifying your browser’s settings. In this case, some pages might not be loaded and/or be running correctly.

Depending on your browser, you can get more information from the following links:

If you are using different devices to access our website (e. g. tablet or cell phone), make sure the browser has been set to your preferences regarding cookies. If in doubt, read the manual of your device.